We live, research and teach in a visual world, flooded with ever-changing stimuli. When engaging with an audience, be it a professional or uninformed audience, judgmental or sympathetic, we compete against similar materials.

We at Masters of Design recognize the importance of the visual element and its ability to strengthen one's stand in this competition. We seek to harness our experience and professional abilities to improve the visibility of presentations, posters and documents, assisting lecturers and researchers in their academic endeavors, and to create strong brands for academic units of all levels, so they may standout and be recognizable in the vast academic world.

about us

We are Guy and Shani Elder, married and parents of four children. We founded the studio in 2004.

Guy Elder, PhD | B.A in Communication and Management, College of Management Academic Studies, Tel Aviv. B.Des in
Graphic Design, Vital - Center for Design Studies, Tel Aviv. M.A. in Arts, Tel Aviv University. PhD in Communication,
The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Shani Elder | B.Des in Graphic Design, Shankar, Collage of Engineering, Art and Design,
Ramat Gan.

Our clients are private individuals, small and medium businesses and large companies. Over more than a decade, we have accumulated considerable professional design experience for academic purposes.

We have visually assisted with ERC grant submission processes, designing presentations that helped researchers receive grants from the foundation; designed presentations for lectures, conventions, open-day events, strategy meetings and more; designed invitations and posters for conferences for the ISEF Foundation, the Davis Institute, School of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University, and more.


We have designed academic papers for senior lecturers and for various academic units; We designed academic posters with a unique visual approach for presenting studies of young researchers.


We have created branding for research projects and institutions, from a basic logo to a complete overall visual language.


Our clients are faculty and staff members of universities and other academic institutions.

Our clients include:

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem (various units)

Technion – Israel Institution of Technology, Haifa

Azrieli Foundation

Dep. Of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar-Ilan University

The Workshop for Leadership in Education, Haifa University

The Interdisciplinary Canter (IDC), Herzliya

College of Management Academic Studies

Davis Institution

Mandel Leadership Institution

ISEF Foundation


Graduate students

Under our philosophy for the importance of design in the academic world, we have developed lectures and practical workshops relevant to students and faculty. The lectures and workshops are delivered by Dr. Guy Eldar, an independent graphic designer, owner and partner in a graphic design studio since 2004, a lecturer and researcher in the fields of design. For over a decade, Guy has been conducting workshops for faculty and graduate students, in a wide variety of academic settings.

The lectures and workshops can be adapted to the needs of the academic framework upon request. The lectures are delivered in Hebrew or English, in person or online (via Zoom) if needed.

עיצוב פוסטר אקדמי להצגת מחקר

Add A New Slide: 

A workshop for understanding the principles of presentation design, which includes recommendations, rules and practical tools for design, with reference to the structure and content of the presentation.


Target audience: faculty and
graduate students.

Beyond the Text: 

MS Word and text design

Tools for proper work with the common word processor and tips for designing academic documents of various types, including a reference to CV design.

Target audience: Graduate students and faculty.

Visual Numbers:

Having the graph or table be legible and telling "the right story" is crucial in a research presentation. The workshop guides participants how to enhance and focus their visual numbers.


Target audience: Researchers
of all levels.

The Poster Speaks for Itself: 

The design of a research presentation poster

Understanding the principles in designing the academic poster and addressing the research message it serves. Also suitable for a seminar or a similar course framework, which are summarized in a poster display.

Target audience: Graduate students and junior faculty.

lectures and workshops

Shani & Guy Eldar

Cell  +972 52 5393391/2

Studio +972 9 7458387

Hod Hasharon

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Thoughts about Designing for Academic Purposes

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