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בלוג: מחשבות על עיצוב לאקדמיה 

Visibility of Your Online Presence

The Internet is full of guides on the importance of our academic presence on the web - the need to show professionalism, produce interesting content, disseminate our skills and areas of research and more. But no guide talks about the importance of the visual aspect, and to that end we wanted to single out the current post.

Let's start from the basis - the profile picture. It is important to choose an impressive image, which you are seen clearly, with a pleasant and serious expression, and not from some beach party or holiday rave. And yes - not only to our profile on LinkedIn, but also on Facebook and Instagram. We never know where our next professional relationship will come from and we should maintain a dignified appearance on all social networks. If you have a photo of you made by the academic institution where you teach (if there was a day that everyone was photographed...) use that picture. If not, you might consider investing a bit of your money in a one-time professional photo shoot - the photos can also be used outside of social networks, such as at conferences or publications, and it is always good to have several options at hand.

Beyond the picture - it is very important that anything visual you upload looks good - whether it's a presentation of a fascinating lecture, a chart of the latest research findings or conference photos you conducted – it is important that things look professional and formal. Here, too, if you cannot produce things yourself, seek the help of professionals so that you look your best in the most professional manner.

In this context, you can go one step further, and shape the image of the main research project you are working on. Branding the project will allow all the promotional materials to be presented under one umbrella and will strengthen the identification of the project among the relevant research community. As part of our work in the studio, we have branded several projects that have won research budgets from the European Research Foundation, and we design all the visual materials of the projects, in order to present a complete research product, across all platforms on which the materials are published.

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